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All of our bikes are available in two different sizes: Small (suitable for people 5 foot to 5 feet 6 inches) and medium / medium (5 feet 7 inches "to 6 feet)

All of our bikes offers an adjustable handlebar and seat. With our included toolkit you can bring the handlebar closer to you or further up or down. The seat post is easy to adjust using the quick release.

All of our bikes are unisex with a step-thru frame that makes it easier to get on.


The autonomy varies depending on the terrain, the weather ,the weight of the rider and tire pressure. Our 48V 10 Ah battery can run up to 80 km using assistance level 2. 

You have two options, either charge the bike on the bike itself using the charging port located on the frame or remove the battery and use the port located directly on the back of the battery.

You can charge this battery at any time, because your battery is said to be "without memory" and your charger is said to be "smart"; it will shut down on its own when the battery is fully charged. However, it is essential not to leave the battery connected to the charger for more than 8 hours

All of our EBZE lineup uses a 5Ah charger which charges the battery in only 2 hours.

Shipping And Returns

Usually it takes a maximum of 7 business days to receive your bike home. We usually ship the bike the same day that you place an order. The carrier might call you before for appointment as it is a big box.

Try your EBZE ebike at home for up to 7 days and if not fully satisfied contact us  at 1-844-678-3246 and we will take it back. You will need to pack the box with all its original content. Once the product arrives a full refund will be issued on your credit card including all shipping. *The product must be repacked in its original box and packaging materials, including 2keys, battery, charger, toolkit. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure everything is in the box or the bike returns damaged it will be to the responsibility of the customer.

We are located in Victoriaville, Quebec where our headquarters and warehouse are.

General And Technical Information

Yes. EBZE are bikes that stand out from the competition as much for their unique design as for the choice of parts and meticulous assembly. If, as for all bicycles, the manufacture is done in factories in China, our team ensure during regular visits and thanks to modern means of communication a constant monitoring of the quality of the work carried out.

The bike comes 95% assembled and you only need to follow the steps in the user's manual or our Youtube videos. You need to install the handlebar, the pedals and the front wheel. All of the tolls needed are supplied in the toolkit box

We have a certified ebike technician team, that knows every inches of the bike. For assistance, send us an email at support@ebze.ca or call us at 844-678-3246 and we will be glad to assist you in the process. 

To reset the trip, you simply need to hold the + and - simultaneously for a few seconds until the trip turns to 0.

Absolutely, all of the connection on the bike are sealed.


If you need any info on the warranty policy, feel free to visit the dedicated page at the following link: warranty policy